WAB - Biography

Vocal chameleon, WAB plays his voice like an instrument...
He’s like a sound poet, projecting his voice into outer space.
It was in the year 2000 that he gave us his first solo a cappella concert and the EP ‘Welcome into my mind !’.
A rather introspective process exploring the possibilities of his multi tone voice, and a fantastic vocal performance.

He’s one of the first in France to have used the looping machine, a digital device allowing the artist to record short voice or instrument samples and play them back directly, and so build up an undeviating rhythm.
WAB won the 2nd Price of the world contest of a cappella loop, at Vocaloop 2015 (Italy).

An array of influences sprang out and intersected : Groove, Reggae, jazz, Hip Hop, and of course Funk.
If WAB has his own sound, it’s because he composes his music directly from the sound of his voice, writing rhythmic, inspired and sensitive texts.

He’s shared the stage with talented artists such as Maceo Parker, Noa, Hot8, Electro Deluxe, Omara Portuondo, Michel Jonasz, Bernard Lavilliers, FFF, Bazbaz, Kent, Geoffrey Oryema... The album TransFunk Express (2010) and the EP
Micro Groove was recorded with musicians : The Funky Machine was born !
Today he records in his Home W-Studio in Toulouse, new singles like
Shake Your Body, Coloured, and Funk In The Party, Give me Your Love, which are coming soon !


Raised from an early age to the sound of his parents’ records in the 70’s, Habib was hypnotized by the turntable projecting The Beatles, Otis Redding, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Oum Kaltoum... At 10 years old, he discovered Funk, Hip Hop and Pop; other records get played; Chic, the Fat Boys, Michael Jackson, Stevie, Depeche Mode...
There’s when the piano lessons started, followed by drum lessons for a couple of years.
There was jazz. He got into Music Hall in Toulouse for professional training, the school where he still teaches today.

Long before the revival and current frenzy...

One of his first projects was ‘WABYMAD’ where he shared stage with Mady Keita in an avant-gardist beat boxing duo. Two voices, two microphones, a performance in which they arranged irresistible a cappella cover versions of some classic tunes as well as their own compositions. They transported the enthusiastic audience and got  them dancing at the major annual event ‘ Le Printemps de Bourges’ in 1998 in particular, as well as many other festivals and supporting acts over 2 years.

WAB has multiplied experiences on stage and festivals, as :

Chorus des Haut de Scène, Festival Alors Chante ! Le Chaînon Manquant, Festival Tan’Jazz (Maroc), Festival l’Echappée Belle, Musicalarue, Pause Guitare, Rhino Jazz Festival...

WAB has opened shows of big names like :
Maceo Parker, de FFF, Michel Jonasz, Bernard Lavilliers, Kent, Noa, Massilia Sound System, Geoffrey Oryema, Omara Portuondo, Electro Deluxe, Hot8 Brass Band...

International tours : Singapore (Music Mater), Pologne, Kazakhstan, Espagne, Maroc... Collaborations with dancers, (Cie Etincelles), Circus (Morgan Cosqué world champion ), painters (Claire Suire...), and Beatboxers (Felix Zenger, Tobias Hug...).

Creation Dance Flower, video 360°, Department Work Shops
in colleges (CD31, 81, 82, et 46)
Festival Guitare En Save (31), Algorithme (81), Festival Danses et Musiques pour Tous (82), Festival Arts’ Scenic (81), Fest’in Zone (30), Watt The Funk (30), Albi Urban Festival (82)...

Starting New creation Funk Live and Dance : DanceFlower with Company Etincelles
Festival TANJAzz Tanger (Maroc), Festival Watt The Funk (30)
Festival A CAPE’LLA Luxembourg
New creation of WAB Solo : Fruit of The Loop (Pop/Soul/Funk) at Lo bolegason in Castres (81)

Festival Feeling Groove de Toulouse (artiste / co-organisateur )
performance live Funk / danseurs de Locking et Soul Train
Festival des Voix de Moissac (82)
Opening show of Michel jonasz, Casino Barrière (Toulouse) et La Seine musicale (Paris), and opening show of Electro Deluxe, Castres (81)...

Creation and tour of
Mue et Moi (Cie Sons de Toile) ; Humanophones tour in France and also Autriche, Suisse, Allemagne...

tWAB solo Tour in Asia, 6 countries (Thaïlande, Malaisie, Philippines, Indonésie, Laos, Singapour) essentiellement avec le réseau de l’Institut Français et des Alliances Françaises... creation of the new live live solo WAB : Total Vocal (Groove / Funk)

2nd price Vocaloop, 2015 world contest of Loopstation a cappella (Italiy).

Creation of
Wab and the Funky Machine quintet. The band give us a sound made of an old shool funk with a  1st album TransFunk Express (2010) et un EP Micro Groove (2015).

2006 à 2010
adaptation of his WAB solo Show for children, played more than 100 concerts with JM France, le Réseau Chaînon and azz sur son 31 jeune public.

his for the second time Finalist Inouis (Découvertes du) Printemps de Bourges.

Creation of WAB solo, A cappella and beatbox with first loopers! in world music style.

Inouis (Découverte) Printemps de Bourges with Mady Keita, they both created a vocal beatbox duet, named WabyMad.

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